Wow did we really meet in Youth group as kids?
Youth Council Retreat
Vero Beach, FL 1995

Dinner Downtown Minneapolis

Venice, IT March 2001
Halloween 2001

Thanksgiving in Chicago

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Hershey, PA 2007
A night bowling

Christmas 2001

Wayne's Birthday in Wisconsin

Aunt Gail's 50'th in FL

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2-23-2012 Trip to florida: drive down, Palm Beach, Justin and Timea's wedding, Hayesville, NC, Helen, GA.

2-12-2012 Fun pics from Los Atecas

2-9-2012 Grandparents day at Hen's Pre School.

2-1-2012 Catholic schools week at St. Aloysius & other pics from around the house.

1-2-2012 More Bike Riding at Memorial Park

12-31-2011 New Years Eve Party at the Barters

12-26-2011 Memorial Park Bike Riding

12-25-2011 Christmas

12-23-2011 St Al's Christmas Program, Koziers Christmas Village

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